Why choose USDA Certified Organic pet food?

Pet owners want nothing but the best for their pets. That is why many pet parents choose to feed organic pet food. By law, USDA certified organic pet food must follow exactly the same requirements and standards as those established for organic human foods.

That means these foods must be grown and processed without the use of:

  • Toxic and persistent pesticides
  • Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Synthetic growth hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • GMOs
  • Irradiation

Plus, certified organic pet food operations are:

  • Required to maintain detailed records of all production and processing activity to maximize traceability
  • Regularly inspected by a USDA-accredited agent to ensure that organic standards are being met

All of our USDA Certified Organic Dog & Cat recipes only use Humanely Raised Chicken and Turkey that is Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Certified Step 3 or Step 2. Just another certification that shows our commitment to environmentally friendly ingredients and quality. 

Here are a few important points to keep in mind as you scan the store shelves for organic pet food:

  • The National Organic Program (NOP), which regulates organic foods, lacks the legal authority to regulate “organic” label claims on pet food, except when pet food operations voluntarily choose to meet organic food standards, gain NOP certification, and use the USDA Organic seal. As a result, some organic pet food products are certified to the USDA NOP and follow the same labeling guidelines as organic food for humans.
  • Some “organic” pet food products are not certified to any standard. Look for the Organic Seal!
  • Only pet food products that contain at least 95% of organic ingredients can display the USDA organic seal and show the ‘certified organic’ statement.
  • The use of certified organic ingredients does not mean that the product itself is certified organic.

By choosing Organic, you are supporting farmers who aim towards ecologically sustainable practices – looking after the environment we all share.