Tender & True was the first GAP Certified humanely raised pet food. We still remain the only full line of GAP certified pet food available!

“Improving the lives of Farm Animals Step by Step™” – Global Animal Partnership

We believe that farm animal welfare is more than just touting the phrase “Humanely Raised”. That’s why we work with the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) to ensure we partner with farms that minimize stress, suffering, and provide an increased quality of life.

Check your current pet food for this certification. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and only using ingredients that were raised in an enriched environment with access to food, water and outdoor environments. Because it’s the right thing to do!

GAP’s Animal Welfare Program is defined as increased health & productivity, natural living, and better emotional well being. The program is built around enhancing the quality of an animal’s life. So this means that farms encourage good health, treating animals if ill, providing quality feed and water, shelter, and the animals are free from disease. Providing animals with natural living allows the animals to behave in natural ways, promoting positive experiences inside and outside. The emotional well being of the animal provides them with the ability to play, minimize stress, frustration, and pain as much as possible.

The 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program:

  • Provides transparency for consumers
  • Encourages and supports farmers and ranchers to move up the animal welfare ladder
  • Recognizes producers for their commitment to animal welfare practices
  • Offers a wider variety of products to consumers and retailers

GAP recognizes farmers that raise their animals to these standards. By choosing GAP certified products, we can collectively make a significant difference in the lives of billions of animals.