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Build a Bowl

Build a Bowl

Are you looking to make mealtime more enjoyable for your furry friend? By incorporating a variety of textures and flavors into your dog's meals, you can provide them with a fun and enriching dining experience.

While traditional kibble is a convenient option, alone, it may not always provide the sensory stimulation that dogs crave! By adding canned food and Farmers Market Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food to your dog's meal, you can introduce new flavors and textures that will keep them engaged and excited about eating.

How to make mealtime fun

One way to make mealtime more fun for your dog is to use slow feed bowls or even lick or food mats. These products are designed to slow down your dog's eating pace, preventing them from gulping down their food too quickly. This not only adds an element of challenge to mealtime, but also promotes better digestion.

Another fun option is to stuff a toy with your dog's food. Use a dog-safe peanut butter (xylitol-free!) and add in pieces of freeze dried or torn up jerky treats! This interactive feeding method not only provides mental stimulation but also encourages your dog to work for their treats, mimicking their natural foraging instincts.

By incorporating Farmers Market Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food, slow feed bowls, or interactive feeding toys into your dog's mealtime routine, you can make their dining experience more enjoyable and enriching! So why settle for boring meals when you can add excitement and fun to your dog's day?

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